Upcoming Courses

Elective Courses for Spring 2024

Gender and Sexuality – 2 units

GEOG 380 Eco- Womanist Ethics
WGSS 200 Introduction to WGSS

Research Methods – 1 unit

HIST 398 Historiography
PSYC 200 Methods and Analyses
PSYC 300 Core Methods
SOC 211 Sociological Research Methods and Data Analysis
VMAP 112 Introduction to Drawing
VMAP 113 Introduction to Painting
VMAP 114 Introduction to Sculpture
VMAP 115 Introduction to Printmaking
VMAP 116 Introduction to Photography
VMAP  117 Introduction to Film/Sound/Video

Electives- 3 Units from this group:

AMST 381 Latinx on Stage: Barrio to Broadway
ARTH 209 Medieval African Art
DANC 204 Hip-Hop Dance
DANC 319 Collaborative Arts Lab Dance, Humanities, and Technology
ENGL 299 Black Horror
ENGL 370 Black Theatre
LAIS 314 Luso-Brazilian Studies- A Global Perspective
LAIS 329 The African Novel 
LAIS 483 The Art of Embodiment Space and Body in Colonial Spanish America
LAIS 497 Bodies at Work Gender/Soc 
PHIL 120 Contemporary Moral Issues
RHCS 349 Memory and Memorializing in the City of Richmond
SOC 316 Race and Ethnicity in the United States
THTR 210 Performing Diversity A Cultural Odyssey